Diet and Allergy Information

Worlwide consumers are more conscious of what they eat, and pay more attention to information provided in food labels and packaging. Health buffs, young professionals, homemakers, especially mothers with a growing family take notice of the food to eat or serve, the benefits and relevant information such as about diets and allergens.

The many variants of Tentay food sauces give one the luxury of healthy choices:

Perfect match for vegan or vegetarian diets
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial flavors and colors

And Tentay Sauces are Halal-certified.

TFSI takes pride of its naturally fermented fish sauce line which has always met the most stringent threshold levels for histamine in the export market, such as the USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and European Union.

Further, Tentay’s Soy Sauce successfully meets the international limits of safety for 3-mcpd (monochloropropane-1-2-diol) level, as audited recently by the Food and Drug Philippines.

The Tentay food labels provide information through the ingredient listing that guides consumers on their diet or ingredient preferences .

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